A mortgage refund,is money paid to you for taking out your mortgage and we pay you 100% of Ongoing Commission**, regardless of lender. Arrange a free, no obligation appointment and start saving today.

There are only a limited number of mortgage brokers offering mortgage refunds and of those, the Mates Rates team who invented Ongoing Rebate Payments in 2003, still offer the most generous mortgage refunds available.

Mortgage Refunds – How they work

I am currently paying 5.10% interest, but with the Mates Rates Rebate of 0.30% I am effectively paying 4.8%.

Below are the rebates that I have had direct deposited into my offset account over the past 6 months thanks to Mates Rates generous rebate structure:

August $165.09, July $160.07, June $165.40, May $149.39, April $165.30 March $165.20

I could not recommend Mates Rates Mortgages highly enough.

Darren. NSW


Whenever a mortgage broker arranges your home loan or investment property loan, your lender pays them commissions. These commissions are built into the ‘retail price’ of your loan, so you get the same deal when you go to a lender directly or retail mortgage broker. This is why many people think mortgage brokers are ‘free’.

A few years back, rebel mortgage brokers, including Mates Rates began offering their customers a share of the commission pie, which is around 4-6% of your loan amount. So a $300,000 mortgage generates around $12,000 to $18,000 in commission.

Of course Mates Rates Mortgage Brokers invented the Ongoing Rebate Payment which remains the most generous Mortgage Refund by refunding 100%** of all ongoing commissions on a monthly basis.

How Mates Rates can do it

We work smarter and are more generous. We have removed the layers of profit and cost the ordinary mortgage brokers carry. But don’t

worry, we’ve invested to make sure we offer a better service, so as well as offering the most generous mortgage refunds, you also get:

  • A dedicated, non-commission mortgage professional
  • Help with thousands of mortgage options
  • Around 3 TIMES MORE 5 Star Rated Fixed Rate Loans than ordinary brokers
  • About 25% MORE ‘Outstanding Value’ Variable rate loans
  • Simple, side by side help with your mortgage choice, arrangement and more

Arrange a free, no obligation to find out how Mates Rates can help you by making an online enquiry or calling us on 1300 55 81 61.


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** As of Monday 16th January 2012, Mates Rates Mortgage Brokers will charge a $5.00 monthly administration fee to maintain each monthly payment of the Cashback/Rebate to your nominated account. Multiple loans will be made as a single payment to your nominated account and will incur a single fee. Multiple payments will incur the administration fee for each individual payment. Payment of the fee can be deducted from the rebate payment each month or charged to your nominated Mastercard or Visa card each month.