Standard variable loans may appear to have a higher interest rate however for loan amounts above $250,000, generous discounts are available for packaged banking. Discounts increase as total borrowings increase.

Standard variable loans are the Rolls Royce of mortgages and generally have an extensive range of loan features ranging from offset accounts through to portability, fee free redraw and beyond.

  • Repayments fall when lenders lower interest rates
  • Can usually be split with fixed rate mortgages to help protect against rate hikes.
  • Standard variable loans offer flexibility and many additional features
  • Taking a banking package also includes other benefits such as fee free banking and discounts on other finance products such as financial planning, insurance and more.
  • Incurs a higher interest rate for lower loan amounts and non-packaged loans
  • Some packages require Mandatory accounts and credit cards which can end up costing you more in the long run.



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