Mates Rates Clients receive an Exclusive & Unique Monthly CashBack on their Home Loan why aren’t YOU?

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Simple steps to get the best deal on your mortgage.

1. Contact Mates Rates

We give you unbiased advice free for all our lenders, of the commissions influence and help you find the best loans to suit your individual needs.

2. Get the Same Loan Cheaper

We use our buying power to get you the lowest interest rate from our extensive list of lenders.

3. Get Cashback

Lenders pay us commission over the life of your loan and we gift it back to you to help you pay off your mortgage, Faster!



Why choose Mates Rates Mortgage Brokers?

You get the Exact Same Loan Cheaper.

Why Pay More!

Mates Rates Guarantees

  • No loan will be excluded from recommendation because a lender pays a lower commission
  • Your CashBack is credited monthly for the life of your loan
  • Your loan will settle on time every time or your penalties will be refunded*

* If Mates Rates is the cause of the penalties

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Mates Rates provides simple access to a whole range of lenders from the convenience of a single enquiry. Our lender list is extensive and second to none


Loan Types

Which one is right for you?

This tutorial helps you understand the basic differences between different home loan types, without the need to talk with a Mates Rates mortgage professional.

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hot loans

Hottest Home Loans

Best deals for the average borrower.

These comparison rates have been selected for you to get the lowest interest, fees and charges. If your rate is higher, you are paying too much.

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Mates Rates Information centre

We have a heap of resources that can help you get the information you need to make an educated decision on which loan is best for you. Explore our information centre to discover top advice on if your loan is healthy, getting mortgage free faster, buying your first home, hot loan deals and more.

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Mates Rates provides simple access to a whole range of lenders from the convenience of a single enquiry.

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