Our Home Loan Application Process

Let our team of expert mortgage brokers take away the time, stress and hassle it takes to find the best home loan for you with our seamless Mates Rates Mortgage Brokers home loan process.

Not only is our mortgage broking service FREE to you, but our unique-to-the-market “Lender Commission Leveller” ensures no home loan lender is left out of consideration, regardless of the amount of commission they pay us.

You’ll receive the same home loan deals and interest rates you get directly from the banks and home loan lenders…AND you’ll also receive cash back for every single month on the life of your home loan to help you pay off your home loan faster!

It’s a model that guarantees we will find the best loan for you, regardless of the percentage of commissions the lender pays us, and you’ll also save thousands of dollars in cash back over the life of your home loan. Here’s how our home loan process works.

Our Process



Get in touch with our team to find out how much you can borrow



We save you time, hassle and money and find you the best deal



We organise the right loan for you at the best interest rate



Your loan is approved and you start saving money



You receive cash back for the life of your loan!

Step One – Get in touch with our friendly team

Get in touch with our experienced and professional team of mortgage brokers who can help you determine your eligibility for a loan, how much you’ll be able to borrow and what the best type of home loan is for your personal and financial circumstances.

We’ll collect any relevant supporting documents at this stage, such as your ID, payslips and bank statements, because these documents allow us to provide you with a quick, accurate assessment to calculate your borrowing capacity and identify any possible concerns a bank or home loan lender might have.

Step Two -​ We find the best home loan deal for you

Using our Lender Commission Leveller to ensure transparency and a level playing field, we will compare hundreds of loans and rates from a wide range of banks and other home loan lenders and present you with a selection of best home loan deals to choose from.

We’ll also calculate your estimated cash back entitlement, showing you how much you can save with our Mates Rates cash back, helping you reduce both the term of your loan and save thousands of dollars in compound interest too!

Step Three -​ We organise your home loan application

Once you’ve decided on the home loan you’d like to apply for, we do all the heavy lifting for you, preparing your application and submitting it to your chosen lender along with your supporting documents.

Your bank or home loan lender will take anywhere between 4-6 weeks from when we submit your application until they approve the settlement.

Step Four -​ Pre-approval, valuation and settlement

Before a bank or home loan lender issues you a home loan, you will receive a pre-approval that confirms how much they are willing to lend you (dependent on the valuation of the property), what the interest rate will be and any other terms and conditions of your loan. Your pre-approval will be valid for 90 days with most lenders, however we can also organise to extend it for you if you’re still looking for the right property to purchase.

Once you’ve found the property you’d like to purchase, agreed on a sale price with the vendor, had the property valued and your documents are in order, you will then receive Formal Approval on your home loan. and your lender will issue you a home loan contract.

Settlement will occur once this home loan is advanced to you.

Step Five -​ Receive your Cash-Back and pay off your home loan sooner

Whether you’re buying, refinancing or looking to invest, our Mates Rates cash back will be paid to you every single month, for the life of the loan!

So far, we’ve paid more than $9 million in cash back to people just like you. And if you leave your cash back in your loan each month, you’ll save even more in compound interest savings!

To begin your home loan application process and start paying off your home loan soon with our cash back home loan, give us a call on Call 1300 558 161, email to info@matesratesmortgages.com.au or enquire online. One of our mortgage brokers will give you a call and get your home loan application process started.