Why use Mates Rates Mortgage Brokers?

Our market leading cash back mortgages ALWAYS put people before profit, comparing loans and lenders, saving you time and money and credit ALL of our broker trailing commissions to you as a cash back rebate on your home loan, every single month for the life of your home loan.

But don’t take our word for it – listen to what our clients, colleagues and charity partners have to say.

Why go to a bank for the same deal when you can get better from Mates Rates?

I’ve been with Mates Rates since 2010 and used them numerous times as well as recommended to family and friends, who were very impressed as well. The service from Trent, Lisa and the team are exceptional and they really look at what your situation is and goal to find the best options.

Why go to a bank for the same deal when you can get better from Mates Rates? Seriously, my last loan was so competitive, when I went to the local bank branch to sign the documents, the staff couldn’t believe the rate I was offered and said they needed to talk to the broker at the branch to match it!

Also, the cash back is real – every month since 2010, I’ve been getting the trailing commission from Mates Rates deposited straight into my bank account.

Thai Ta

5 star Google review

Communication was clear, consistent and enjoyable

IRob was superb to deal with. I worked with him and Ash on a 30 day settlement period and felt fully supported and conscious of my financial scope from the get go. Communication was clear, consistent and enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Tamara O’Donnell

5 star Google review

Professionalism and Responsiveness

We came across Mates Rates through The Barefoot Investor, and are really glad we did. We had a disappointing experience with another broker which ultimately resulted in missing out on a property.

Coming to Mates Rates, we had the opposite experience. We received really good service which we couldn’t fault, and everything went smoothly from paperwork to settlement day.

It is great when the monthly cash back amount is received. It is our little regular reminder that we made a great decision going with Mates Rates.

I wouldn’t hesitate using them again. I really love their philosophy of giving back.

Sara Young

5 star Google review

The Cash-Back into our mortgage each month is a welcome surprise!

At the advice of Barefoot we used Mates Rates as the mortgage brokers for our first home and couldn’t be happier – Vanessa and the team were great to deal with the whole time and most importantly kept me calm as I panicked my way through the entire settlement period.

Would definitely recommend and will use again, plus the cash back into the mortgage each month is a welcome surprise!

Byron Bateson

5 star Google review

The smoothest property transaction I have had

Paul & Ashlea were great!

This was the smoothest property transaction I have had!

Thanks for all of your help with this purchase.

I will definitely be recommending your business to friends and family.

Ryan Lacey

5 star Google review

I made the right choice – you keep your promise for such a long period

I have just completed my property investment scheme successfully in Sydney and Brisbane. I wish to send Mates Rates Mortgage Brokers a GREAT “thank you” because you keep on credit cash back to my bank account for 11 years!

I still remember one of your competitor’s comments as “one bird in hand is better than two birds in the woods” in an email to me in 2009. Now I am proud to say that I made the right choice. You keep your promise for such a long period! I visited your website and realised that you have credited more than $8 million into your client’s account since 2005. It’s amazing!

Jonathan Zheng

5 star Google review

A market leading interest rate with a great lender and a monthly Cash-Back to pay off my loan faster!

Being a young woman in my mid 20’s buying my first investment property, it was important that I got the best help and guidance I could find. Thankfully the Barefoot Investor wrote a great book and I contacted Mates Rates Mortgage Brokers, the cash back broker he endorses and used.

So now I not only have a market leading interest rate with a great lender, like Barefoot Investor did, I also get the monthly cash back credited to my loan like an extra payment that will help turbo charge paying off my loan faster.

Thank you BFI and a huge thank you to Mates Rates! I’m already saving hard and will be in contact again shortly to buy my next property 🙂

Lil Robertson

5 star Google review

Their business model is unrivalled in my personal and professional opinion

I would like to firstly say that using Mates Rates was certainly an eye opener and made me realise that there is no other competitor like them.

Being an insurance broker myself for 18 years, initially I always stuck to the “well known and highly advertised” home loan brokers to get the best deal.

When I was recommended to use Mater Rates, I quickly realised I was doing it all wrong. Their business model is unrivalled in my personal and professional opinion. If you keep reading you will find out.

My first call was over an hour with one of their specialists, Vanessa. She spent over 1 hour on the phone with me in the busy month of June and went through my current financial situation including what I wanted and was looking for from the banks for my investment and home loans including features such as offset/fixed/variable, credit cards etc.

She then took all of that and gave me her initial opinion of what she thought would suit my situation best and initial potential savings.

After that first phone call Vanessa hit the ground running and worked tirelessly, professionally, and promptly to get it done. She is the consummate professional and was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Not only did Mates Rates save me approximately $1,259 per month, they are also “THE CASH BACK BROKER”. Let me break this down for you and what it means in real life.

– Some of the banks will advertise a cash back payment i.e. $2K or $3K if you join with them. This is standard and has been happening for years and this is what banks do to win business. I was fortunate to get this from one of the banks Mates Rates recommended for my investment loans. HOWEVER, I’m not talking about this.

– The real clincher is that Mates Rates give back the MONTHLY TRAILING COMMISSION they are entitled to keep and receive from the bank for the life of the loan DIRECTLY BACK TO THEIR CLIENTS.

– What this means is that on the 2nd Friday of each month I receive a payment of $162.00 directly into my bank account. This money equates to my grocery bill, goes towards a utility bill, pays for petrol or buys something special. It’s a great feeling to get it.

– If you think about the traditional broking/commission model as we know it after the loan is settled the broker really doesn’t add any value as you then deal directly with the bank and just need to meet your repayments. So, their only value is on saving you money upfront when structuring the loan and selecting the loan that suits your needs. You don’t hear from them afterwards. The money is better in your pocket than theirs.

This model goes against industry practice but I am sure glad I used them and will continue to do so and have already recommended 6 of my friends that needed to refinance.

Julie Gidaero

5 star Google review

I can pay out my SMSF loan sooner with their financial help

I got my SMSF loan with Mates Rates Mortgage Brokers. I found their service to be efficient and professional and what’s more, they give me back their trail commission every month straight into my loan account meaning I can pay out my loan sooner with their financial help.

When I purchase another property I will definitely be going back to them.

Lisa Moyle

5 star Google review

Helped alleviate a great deal of stress

Fantastic brokers, can’t recommend Mates Rates enough!!

They literally saved me and helped alleviate a great deal of stress!

Thank you Mates Rates!!!

Roze & Thorn

5 star Google review

Mates Rates got me a fantastic deal!

Got me a fantastic deal, plus they credit the trailing commissions which will help me pay off the loan sooner! Highly recommended.

Bill Caisley

5 star Google review

Very happy with the service!

Easy to deal with, very happy with the service. Thanks mate!

Peter Boukaseff

5 star Google review

Very professional services

Excellent helpful and very professional services. Highly recommend it.

Les Daniel

5 star Google review

Making our family home dream a reality

Myself and my wife were first time buyers and to be honest, somewhat clueless to the murky world of getting a mortgage.

We put our faith in Vanessa who was simply awesome.

She explained everything in simple terms and then even re-explained it to me (who struggles to use his calculator on his phone at the best of times). She kept us up to date with the progress, calmed us when we were panicking and assured us she/we would get the deal over the line. AND SHE DID!

We are very thankful to Vanessa for her hard work in making our family home dream a reality. She’s a good egg!


The best commercial and competitive financing solution to me

Dear Trent, Just a quick note to thank you for being my advisor and mortgage broker for several properties now – dating back to my first property purchase in 2012.

Your advice is always top quality, you are a true professional and you have always delivered the best commercial and competitive financing solution to me.

I believe your business model is unique in the industry and that you have the most extensive network to the lenders of any broker business I have ever dealt with.

Most recently, I recommended you to my two sons for their joint purchase and they were also very pleased with the outcome.

They are now getting cash backs each month of $150 or more, which makes a significant difference to their finances. Thanks again.


Refinancing is extremely daunting – we’re really happy we reached out

Our loan settled today and I just wanted to provide some feedback regarding my interaction with Robyn Clark and Jodie Harmston – my initial contact was with Robyn which was great but most of my interaction since then has been with Jodie and that has been great also.

I asked lots of questions and Jodie always replied quickly and professionally.

Refinancing is extremely daunting, especially when you’ve been with the same bank for 30 years so I’m grateful for Jodie stepping us through.

At this stage we’re really happy we reached out!


Saved a lot of time and reduced a lot of stress

The service provided by Mates Rates Mortgage Brokers was excellent. Once we decided on a loan product, their staff stepped me through the completion of the paperwork which saved a lot of time and reduced a lot of stress.

We were moving interstate at the time and had significant time constraints. The broker’s focus was very geared towards meeting my requirements.


Thanks mate you guys have a great service

Thanks mate, you guys have a great service! Really pleased I found out about it through Scott Pape’s inner circle.


Ensured sharp & efficient loan turnaround times, which is symbolic of his office and team

Trent, in particular and his team have been consistent supporters of Newcastle Permanent since we commenced our business relationship 3 years ago.

Trent immediately identified the value proposition to which a local regional Building Society could bring to his business and customers, sharing similar values to our organisation, in terms of high levels of customer service, integrity, compliance and the overall importance of the consumer.

This instant impact was demonstrated by the volume of support generated by Trent and his team in the early days and has continued consistently throughout our much valued business relationship. Trent’s business located in part of our geographical heartland on the Central Coast of NSW was integral, in terms of business synergies and local support.

Trent’s attention to detail with the on-boarding of a customer’s loan application, from start to finish and beyond is second to none and a major reason for his ultimate success. The focus on getting it right from the start, has ensured sharp & efficient loan turnaround times, which is symbolic of his office and team.

Trent demonstrates a high level of professionalism and our interactions are always polite and courteous, this further validates his wealth of experience in the industry and overall business acumen.



Trent always puts his customers first

Trent has been a great supporter of Bankwest over the past 14 years. He demonstrates the values we stand for, and I am incredibly proud that Trent and his amazing team introduces many of our customers to Bankwest.

Trent and his team always submit their applications to the highest standard, which ensures a quicker turnaround for our customers, but is also testament to the importance placed on responsible lending and other compliance obligations.

Trent has a brilliant Net Promoter Score for the customers we survey, introduced by him; another indication that Trent always puts the customers first.

I’ve always found Trent to be polite, professional and he has a wealth of knowledge of the industry and its many requirements.



Through his personal and unique business model he constantly gives back

I have known Trent within our industry for countless years (possibly decades now), and also as a valued member of the FBAA and as a personal friend going back to my childhood school years.

Trent has always been a strong supporter of our FBAA family and to our industry, and especially to his clients whereby through his personal and unique business model he constantly gives back to his borrowers and holds their highest respect as to how he and his team conducts themselves.

Trent is nothing but a gentleman in our industry and held in the highest of esteem.

Finance Brokers Association of Australia


Trent is the most professional and easy broker to work with

I have been looking after Trent for over 2 years and in that time Trent has demonstrated the utmost professionalism and has become our Top Broker within Auswide Bank and has settled $20 Mill.

He is the most professional and easy Broker to work with and he takes pride with their applications when submitting to Auswide Bank.

Trent communicates very well and takes pride with all his dealings and application process.

I have a great business relationship with Trent and we have worked extremely well together from day one.

Auswide Bank


Trent and his team go out of their way to support us

We are grateful to have had the pleasure of partnering up with Mates Rates Mortgage Brokers as the principal partner for our 2018 Spring Ball. After speaking with Trent and hearing the dedication he has towards his clients via his cash back business model, it was clear that we had found the right partner.

Not only did Trent show true interest in our charity but his $12,000 donation as Principal Partner allowed us to take the event to new levels in which we ended up raising over $85,000. His presence on the night and speech captured the audience and their brand was the perfect fit for such a positive and uplifting event.

Without Trent and his team, charity events such as the Beat the Breakdown Spring Ball are not possible – it is a true testament to Trent and his team that they would go out of their way to support us and bring the topics of mental health/suicide to the surface to educate and let those affected know it’s not weak to speak.

Beat the Breakdown Spring Ball

Helping his customers achieve their desired financial and personal goals & aspirations

Trent has many respected years of experience & has never lost sight of what’s most important & that’s helping his customers achieve their desired financial and personal goals & aspirations.

Whilst writing and settling consistent volumes of more than $15m each month Trent consistently proves that he can deliver in all areas of business & is regarded as one of our industry’s finest members.

I have no issues endorsing someone who is humble, caring, patient, genuine, professional & a great leader who is respected by our industry peers and more importantly by the 15 staff/brokers who operate within his Mates Rates Office in North Gosford.

Finsure Finance & Insurance