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Heritage Bank – Discount Variable Owner Occupied P&I

Special offer from Mates Rates

Special offer from Mates Rates 5.99pa – 0.15pa for the life of your loan cash-back = LOW RATE a really low variable rate effectively 5.84 & a government guarantee of your cash, unlike other cheap non-ADI lenders. 

When shopping around ask that very important question, Are you an ADI Lender? And when they answer NO………… Don’t Love ’em Leave ’em!
T&C’s apply
Comparison Rate CR 6.01% pa does not include the reduction that cash back will make which increases the longer you keep your loan
0.15% years 1&2, 0.20% year 3 increasing to 0.25%pa  Mates Rates cash back for Heritage Bank home loans.

Effectively 5.84yrs1&2 decreasing to 5.79 year 3 and 5.74 from year for life of loan with the inclusion of our

Exclusive Mates Rates 0.15%-0.25%pa cash-back**

for Heritage. Variable loan and rates will reduce inline with RBA and Heritage rate reductions.

The rate is for new, owner occupied, principle and interest home loans minimum $350,000 and < 70% Loan to Value Ratio.

*CR – comparison rate does not include the Mates Rates Exclusive 0.15%pa cash-back

** cashback is 100% of the lender paid monthly trail commission paid to you every month.

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